Boat & RV Wash


Wash-Totally different from your average Boat and RV washing services!! We use only the finest professional marine and RV products available use to erase salt water particles and some chalkiness off your Boat/RV while protecting your gel-coat. The simplest form of maintenance is having your boat and/or RV washed and protected regularly.  

Compound & High-Speed Polishing-compound removes light oxidation,chalkiness and faded gel coats. This polish will restore your faded color to its original luster.  Each compound process is determined by the age of the gel coat and condition.  Some boats and/or RVs may need a light compound, as others will require a medium to heavy duty compound.  We use a 2-3 step process to bring your gel coat to it's original condition.

Oxidation Removal-For gel or clear coats that have been neglected, even the most aggressive compounds will not completely remove heavy oxidation and/or scratches. We use a 3-4 step process of wet-sanding the gel coat removing all oxidation and most scratches.  We follow that by a 2-3 step process of compounding, to bring back the gloss.  Then we polish your gel or clear coat which removes most scratches or imperfections and prepares the surface to be sealed.  The process is finished with the application of a professional marine grade caranuba wax (3 months of protection with the proper care) or Extreme glass coating (EGC), which is a hybrid of a chemically bonding hard inorganic base coat and highly dirt and water repellent organic top coat.  Extreme glass coating provides up to 1 year of protection and amazing shine for your investment. This service truly brings boat detailing to a whole new level.

Stainless Steel Restoration-Bow rails, cleats, T-Tops & Towers -Our Stainless steel restoration service removes most rust and tarnish surfaces. Your stainless steel will sparkle while being protected against future rust and erosion. 

Vinyl & Leather Cleaning- Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all leather and vinyl.  Once vinyl and leather are cleaned, our UV protectant and conditioner will ensure they remain like new and protected against the elements. 

Engine & Bilge Cleaning-We provide a full engine room/bay cleaning service.  We degrease the engines, engine room/bay and condition the engines with a protective coating.  If required engines can be repainted before adding a protective coating.

Boat Services 

Wash $6 per foot

  • Wash/Dry
  • Interior Wipe down, light Vacuum
  • Clean Windows

Wax $10 per foot

  • Wash/Dry
  • Clay Bar
  • Wax
  • Interior wipe down, light vacuum
  • Clean windows

Mini Detail $14 per foot

  • Wash/Dry
  • Clay Bar
  • Fine cut polish boat hull (removes light scratches and light oxidation)
  • Apply polymer Gel Coat Sealant to hull (wax)
  • Vacuum
  • Wash down Interior
  • Clean out all cubby holes and tanks
  • Clean Windows

RV Services

RV Basic Wash $6 per foot

  • Hand wash/Dry entire RV Including the roof, awing & slide outs
  • Clean and dress tires
  • Clean and dress rims
  • Clean ALL exterior Window surfaces
  • Light Vacuum

RV Wash & Wax $10 per foot

  • Hand wash/Dry entire RV, including the roof, awing & slide outs
  • Clay Bar
  • Apply wax, including roof & slide outs
  • Clean and dress tires
  • Clean and dress rims
  • Clean ALL exterior windows surfaces
  • Light Vacuum

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